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Boca Summer Horse Camp

Boca Raton's BEST Summer Horse Camp !



Do you remember Summertime?

Play Clothes? Play Sand, Grass Stains, and Dirt,

Hop Scotch, Tug of War, Monkey see Monkey Do, Treasure Hunt, Hide and Seek, Sack Races, Water Balloons, Kick Ball, Dodge Ball, Man in the Middle, Red Light /Green Light, Telephone, Mother may I, The Sense of Adventure, Accomplishment, and the Pride of Ownership of Building something. Playing Cats, Dogs and Horses

"The sweet Smell of “Kids Sweat”

Will your Children?

We will participate in water activities and enjoy the outdoors when weather permits. Camp fee’s Include camp T-shirt, end of week horseshow, workbook, arts and craft materials. We encourage your child to “just be a summertime kid, get dirty, sweat and have fun on the farm”.

Boca Summer Horse Camp serving the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach and Northern Broward County communities with Boca's Best Summer Horse Camp !

To register e-mail [email protected]

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Boca Summer Horse Camp

2022 Summer Camp Dates

1. May 30 – June 03, 2022

2. June 06, – June 10,2022

3. June 13, – June 17,2022

4. June 20, – June 24,2022

5. June 27, – July 1,2022

6. July 04, – July 08,2022

7. July 11, – July 15,2022

8. July 18, – July 22,2022

9. July 25, – July 29,2022

10. Aug. 01, – Aug. 08,2022

Covid 19 "Pod" system

Summer camp 1

More pods